Section Updates
Section Updates Updated on 22 Jul 2021
Street View Area/Comments Section of Promenade

Loch Prom

Loch Promenade:

Access to Douglas Promenade is available from the Sea Terminal;

Parking is available on the highway both landside and seaside. Parking on the walkway has been reinstated to support resident permit holders and businesses along this section.

Travelling north of the war memorial, pedestrians are asked to cross to the landside to avoid walking on the road without any footpath. The return lane on the seaward side heading south is still in operation for vehicles to use.

Regent Street is open to pedestrians and vehicles with Howard Street remaining closed to vehicles but pedestrians can walk through. A temporary pedestrian crossing at Granville Street is now accessible, also a crossing at Senna Slip is in operation.

Harris Promenade

 Broadway has now been re-opened for traffic exiting the promenade only

Finch Road one-way remains in it's current direction heading from Tynwald Building to Church Road Marina, please be reminded of the give way sign at the junction of Christian Road.  Church Road Marina is now closed for through traffic on and off the promenade until 15 July 2021.

The cultural area construction continues. Broadway is open but only to vehicles exiting off the Promenade travelling north.

Central Promenade

Parking has been suspended on the highway in front of Clarence Terrace to  facilitate the construction of the rail corridor and Broadway roundabout.  

Access to Castle Mona Avenue and Esplanade Lane will be maintained. There are 3-way traffic lights in operation on the Promenade plus at Castle Mona Avenue. Mona Drive is currently closed with access off the Promenade available via Empress Drive. Exit onto the Promenade is available via Castle Drive.

As part of the de-scoping the program the tram lines will now finish in this area.  Continuation of the rail corridor will be constructed during future winter months.

Queen's Promenade

Gas, Water and Electrical services have now been fully installed and operational. A small number of connections are still  to be made into properties, these are completed as the kerbs, road reconstruction and pavement are laid. Works have commenced on Marathon Terrace with Switzerland Road due to open on the 4 June.  Parking is available on the seaward side and a crossing point outside the Boat House cafe. All businesses are open as usual

4 Week Program (Auldyn Construction Ltd.)

Auldyn Construction Ltd. have supplied a 4 Week program of works, This can be found by here

This document will be updated every 2 weeks - this document will commence on  26/07/21. 

The program gives an overview of the areas planned work is set to commence over the next 4 weeks. The schedule is split between North and South along with Harris Promenade and sub sections of seaside and land side.

Some of the work is weather dependent, for example concrete can not be poured in poor weather and the work force may be relocated to another area along the promenade.

Parking Status
Parking Status Updated on 17 May 2021
Street View Area Comments Section of Promenade
Chester Street multi storey car park
Level 7 / 8 / 9 – Contract parking
Level 1-6 free 2 hour disc parking to support individuals attending the Chester Street vaccination hub plus shops and businesses in the area. In addition there are multiple disabled parking spaces on Market Street to facilitate those accessing the vaccination hub.
Summerland parking
The old Summerland site, at the northern end of the Promenade, has been designated free parking for up to 24 hours x 34. Why not park and walk?
Strathallan walkway
Free x 24 parking spaces for up to 2 hours (disc needs to be displayed) on the Walkway opposite the Terminus pub at the northern end of the Promenade.
Please note this area is subject to coastal overtopping if a yellow weather warning or above is issued. At some stage in the future the walkway will be refurbished. This will result in the removal of parking on this walkway.
Taxi drop off/pick up
Taxi pick up and drop-off for the Sefton Hotel (specifically Harbour Lights at the hotels) is on Church Road Marina. Full pedestrian access to the Gaiety Theatre and the Villa Marina is possible.
Various car parks at the southern end of Douglas Promenade - free overnight parking between 6pm-8am
The Department of Infrastructure has made available, for the period of the scheme, free parking after 6pm and before 8:30am Parade Street West or The Tongue (beside Douglas Yacht Club).

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