Section Updates
Section Updates Updated on 22 Nov 2019
Street View Area/Comments Section of Promenade

Loch Prom

Works are continuing alongside the Bottleneck car park on the seaside of this Promenade. To view the area CLICK MAP

It has been necessary to move the bus stop from in front of the Bottleneck car park over to Peveril Square as a temporary measure. From Sunday 24 November the 22 spaces lost this week due to work will be returned and the car park will be back to normal and maximum capacity.

The gas main installation is continuing on the land side up to Church Road Marina. To view the area CLICK MAP


Harris Promenade

Work will continue from Loch Promenade to Harris Promenade - 2 way traffic will be maintained.

Saturday 23 November will see the reinstatement of the right hand turn through to Church Road Marina, for traffic travelling southbound, towards Market Street and Finch Road. 

Traffic management will remain in the area while work continues. Please be aware of iron work and slippery surfaces, especially motorcycles and cyclists.

To view area CLICK MAP

Central Promenade

Temporary traffic lights. between 9.30am-4pm. will be in operation. while the contractor is pouring concrete along the rail corridor.

The heras fencing will extend from Spectrum Apartments through to Empress Drive. 

The rail corridor, from the Empress Hotel through to Esplanade Lane North, will have no parking cones in place.

A pedestrian crossing in this location will be maintained. It will be clearly signed. To view CLICK MAP

Queen's Promenade

Queen's Gardens to Palace View Terrace - works on the walkway will continue to install the water main.

The fencing will extend another 60 metres up to Palace View Terrace.

The working area will be slightly wider than before. 

However, the walkway width will remain at least two metres wide with signage in place.

These works will move along each week in 60 metre stages. The completed area will be opened up once completed. 

To view map of areas - Seaside 1 and Seaside 2

Parking Status
Parking Status Updated on 05 Nov 2019
Street View Area Comments Section of Promenade
Free 30 minutes parking
If dropping into any of the shops at Castle Mona Arcade don't forget there are some spaces in front of the them but there is also a number in the grounds of Castle Mona Hotel. Entry from the Promenade and exit via Castle Drive.
Summerland parking
The old Summerland site, at the northern end of the Promenade, has been designated free parking for up to 24 hours x 34. Why not park and walk?
Strathallan walkway
Free x 24 parking spaces for up to 2 hours (disc needs to be displayed) on the Walkway opposite the Terminus pub at the northern end of the Promenade.
Please note this area is subject to coastal overtopping if a yellow weather warning or above is issued.
The Walkway
Over 220 spaces (including 12 disabled spaces) for up to 2 hours (disc must be displayed) on the Walkway between The War Memorial and the Bottleneck car park.

Please note this area is 10mph as it is a multi user area.

Additionally this area can experience coastal overtopping in the event of a yellow weather warning.
Taxi drop off/pick up
Area in front of The Best Western Palace Hotel and Casino.
Various car parks at the southern end of Douglas Promenade - free overnight parking between 6pm-8am
The Department of Infrastructure has made available, for the period of the scheme, free parking at Parade Street East, Parade Street West and The Tongue (beside Douglas Yacht Club).
Various areas on Douglas Promenade for coach drop off/pick up
Designated area in front of the Best Western Hotel and Casino on Central Promenade.
There is space for up to 2 coaches but please note it is not permitted to park in this area overnight as used by all hotels in the vicinity.
Lined area on Castle Mona Avenue can be used for drop off/pick up.

Parking areas are 5 additional spaces on King Edward Road (at the northern end of Douglas Promenade plus 2 on Finch Road, above Church Road Marina.

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