Changes to Traffic Management Arrangements

We have now completed 2 phases of works installing underground ducting for new high voltage electric cables in the area from The Empress Hotel south to Castle Mona Avenue.

Parking will be reinstated for the next two weeks in this vicinity. New works will commence on Monday 7 October 2019 with the continuation of the rail corridor on Central Promenade. ‘No parking’ cones will be in situ from Sunday 6 October 2019.

Please be aware that parking will be suspended approaching the coned area. This will be enforced, as will the 20mph speed limit currently in operation along the Promenade.

It is essential the lane to the rear of Clarence Terrace is kept clear of any parked vehicles/skips etc as it will be heavily used and any obstruction may need to be removed. New signs have already been added. The designated coach bay on Castle Mona Avenue will come into use for drop off/pick up so it is imperative this is kept clear of all vehicles except coaches. Parking controllers will be monitoring the area and your cooperation would be appreciated.

Pedestrian crossings will be maintained, when safe to do so, at the old Imperial Hotel site and at Esplanade Lane north.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 686363 or via email at myprom@gov.im  

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.


Updated on 20 September 2019
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