Works extending from Regent Street to Granville Street

Regent Street is to re-open to pedestrians and vehicles with works continuing from this area up to Granville Street week beginning Monday 1 July 2019.

Vehicular access for deliveries to Strand Street, between 5pm-10am, will be enforced. Access to Villiers Lane/Strand Lane will be available from Regent Street – it is essential that traffic does not obstruct Villiers Lane through to Strand Lane.

In order to facilitate deliveries, post-10am, a temporary loading bay has been put in place on Regent Street. Disabled parking will be maintained on the walkway. A temporary pedestrian controlled crossing will be in place at Regent Street, with the Granville Street pedestrian controlled crossing remaining in place. Howard Street pedestrian crossing will be out of use. Access from the Promenade walkway, except for Howard Street, will be maintained with additional throughways possible via the Marine (Sunken)Gardens. The seaside footways (pavement) adjacent to the highways will be closed.

Howard Street will have pedestrian access only - vehicular access will not be permitted.

Delivery/taxi/coach drop off/pick up will be available at Granville Street. Parking will be available on the Walkway from the War Memorial to the Bottleneck car park with additional temporary free parking between 6pm-8.30am at Parade Street East, Parade Street West and the Tongue car parks.  

Traffic management plan

Parking suspension within any coned area will be enforced with a reminder that a 20mph speed limit is in place on the full length of Douglas Promenade.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached on 686363 or via email on myprom@gov.im


Updated on 28 June 2019
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