Portable Traffic Signal

Temporary three-way traffic lights will be in operation on Douglas Promenade from Wednesday 24 April 2019 to enable the contractor to complete existing works by TT. The completion of the concreting work around the tram lines is essential to allow temporary fencing to be removed.

Lights will be in operation 9.30am to 3.30pm daily (including weekends) and potentially 6pm to 9pm two evenings each week, if required. Drivers who do not wish to access homes or businesses in the area are advised to consider using alternative routes during these times.

The area affected initially will be Queen’s Promenade, Summerhill and Strathallan Crescent but the lights will move southwards along the promenade as work progresses. The nearest bus stop will be Derby Castle for north travelling passengers and Marathon Terrace for south travelling passengers.

We are working towards the creation of additional parking spaces on the Promenade walkway at Strathallan/King Edward Road and at Summerland in the next two weeks to assist businesses and residents in the vicinity. For any further information please contact 01624 686363 or email myprom@gov.im. Our public office is open between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.

Traffic management

Thank you for your cooperation.


Updated on 24 April 2019
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