Extension of works installing water main

Please note that the works on the sea side of Douglas Promenade will extend another 60 metres from Monday 23 September. This is the continuation of the installation of the new water 355 metre PE water main replacing the old cast iron main installed circa 1920. This area is from Marathon Terrace/Switzerland Road to the vicinity of the Rutland Hotel. Parking cones and signage will be in place from Sunday 22 September, 2019.

Please click here to view the specific area

With the horse trams season finishing, more parking cones will be removed to open up areas for parking from Strathallan southwards. It is hoped to make as much parking available as possible while still maintaining a safe working environment. 

It is worth noting that just under 800 metres of the rail corridor has been completed to date.

Updated on 19 September 2019
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