Walkway parking is removed as part of works

With effect from 19 August through to the end of September 2021 final works including highway surfacing will commence along the 2.6km length of the scheme. Parking will be reinstated on Loch Promenade on both sides of the highway on Friday 27 August with all walkway parking removed on the Thursday. 

The setting up of additional traffic management along the Promenade will also be in place from the Friday morning. These changes include Walpole Avenue reversal of traffic flow, additional traffic lights plus reopening of the two roundels. 

Once these changes come into effect vehicular access to the ferries and Sea Terminal will be via Victoria Street as Peveril Square will be one way from the Sea Terminal towards Lord Street. Church Road Marina will open to exit off the Promenade while Broadway will fully reopen.
Traffic management north of the Empress Hotel will be less intrusive, with uninterrupted two-way traffic flow alongside the working areas. Access to side lanes and entrances to apartment car parks will be maintained except when the final surface course is laid, when access will be prohibited for short periods. A further schedule of all dates will be communicated with key stakeholders once known.  
All traffic management will be put in place, to not only allow the contractor to complete the scheme, but keep traffic moving whilst maintaining access for residents and customers of all businesses.
Further detailed plans are available to view below

Walpole Avenue/Sea Terminal/Victoria Street.

Loch Promenade/Church Road Marina

Church Road Marina/Broadway


Updated on 25 August 2021
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