Prom in Numbers

The statistics for Douglas Promenade Refurbishment are quite staggering – see below. We have also included some recent photographs of the recent works

Highway Construction stats:

2.6km Length of Works

19km of Utility trenching

22,000m3 of excavated material

47,000 tonnes of recycled aggregate

18,900 tonnes of tarmac

6,000m3 of concrete

13,000m2 of block paved surfacing

9km of kerbing

9km of tram rail

 Utility stats:


3.6km of new water mains


7km of new cable and ducts


2km of new 315mm dia. polyethylene main

Manx Telecom and Sure Telecom

20km of new ducting and cabling, including provision for 5G

Street Lighting

140 new lighting columns with 5km of ducting

Updated on 03 May 2019
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