Multiple working areas

The main contractor, Auldyn Construction, along with its many sub-contractors are all working hard to minimise inconvenience during these essential works. The tram tracks are currently being installed with works on multiple fronts along Douglas Promenade. The scheme is due to complete by October 2020.

In addition Manx Utilities are carrying out six monthly maintenance work of Broadway pumping station which will necessitate in traffic management at the bottom of Broadway.The right-hand turning at Broadway junction onto Douglas Promenade will re-open on Thursday 18 April 2019.

Regent Street pedestrian access will be blocked through to Strand Street as the team will be working directly in this area.  

Coach drop off spaces in front of the Best Western Palace Hotel and Casino are for drop off and pick up from all hotels along Douglas Promenade. Parking spaces for the coaches are by the Sea Terminal, Finch Road and King Edward Road.

Please note this is a huge joined-up scheme. These phasing plans on this website have been developed from the Contractor’s Programme and highlight the main construction phases only.

Other planned works to upgrade and install new utilities throughout the works are not shown on these plans. These works will be taking place in advance of the main construction tasks and will also require similar levels of traffic management.

All works stop for the TT period.

It is important that the extent of highway construction and statutory service replacement is not under-estimated. A close working relationship is being maintained with all statutory undertakers, Manx Utilities, Manx Telecom, Manx Gas, Sure and Douglas Borough Council. All works are replacing infrastructure and services, future proofing for decades to come.

Key points

Public parking at Summerland is in hand with an announcement to follow as soon as possible;
Parking cones are set out the night before parking suspension comes into effect;
Extensive site investigation work is being done in advance to assess site conditions and enable value engineering throughout the design process;
This is a landmark scheme promoting commitment and joined up working between the Department of Infrastructure and statutory undertakers;

Manx Utilities will be installing electrical cable ducting in the Villa Marina gardens later on this week as part of refurbishment scheme.

The public are asked to:
Allow extra journey time;
Note that during construction, on-street parking availability is greatly reduced on the Queen’s Promenade end - please support the businesses at this end - there is parking but it may be a short distance away; All businesses/restaurants on Marathon Terrace have parking in front of their premises or can use Unity Dance School at the top of Switzerland Road.
Please do not park in coned areas as this will incur a parking fine or their vehicle being towed away if it would delay the works;
When travelling within coned working areas please be patient if travelling behind a bus, as it may need to stop for a short period to pick up or off load passengers;
We have worked with all the delivery, coach operators, hotels, Douglas Borough Council, Isle of Man Post and numerous other businesses to endeavour to facilitate day to day activities on Douglas Promenade;
We would ask all motorists not to park on footpaths as this may endanger pedestrians including vulnerable users such as visually impaired or disabled persons;
To avoid delays - consider using alternative routes to Douglas Promenade;
Think about using public transport or taxis for ease of drop-off to restaurants or businesses;
Consider using many of Douglas’ multi-storey car parks;

Please adhere to the 20mph speed limit along Douglas Promenade or a 10mph restriction on the Walkway between the War Memorial and the Bottleneck Car park;

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. It is very much appreciated that the local community are working hard to find solutions together.



Updated on 15 April 2019
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