Gas and Water mains completed

Gas and water mains have been completed, marking a major milestone in delivering the refurbishment scheme.

Alongside the work by Manx Utilities, a complex and challenging project has seen Manx Gas replace 2km of existing low pressure cast iron gas main with a new polyethylene main in line with modern technical standards.

The historic gas main had to be kept live, during the construction of the new gas main to ensure an uninterrupted service to customers, however due to its age and condition, this has proved extremely problematic at times. It has proved to be a challenge to the engineers, designers and construction team. 

Establishing minor connections, including 10 side streets, and undertaking the safe decommissioning of the old gas main remains a challenge. As a precautionary measure the contractor, Auldyn Construction has applied to extend the closure on Broadway until the beginning of December. Safety is paramount to ensure the fragile main remains intact.

The gas work connections and decomissioning will be complete by the end of October, 2020. Pictured below is the main that has been installed along Central Promenade. 

There is also more good news that Manx Utilities have installed a new wider water trunk main in place of the cast iron pipe installed in 1923 which extends 2.2 km along the length of the promenade. Works continue on installation of smaller distribution mains.

While the new 355mm diameter trunk main was fully installed, chlorinated, tested and made live over a period of 22 months, the 97-year-old 300mm historic main had to be kept in service to ensure customers’ supplies remained uninterrupted.

A total of 49 fire hydrants, 120 gate valves and 150 service connections have also been completed as part of the water pipework installation.

Updated on 16 October 2020
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