Broadway has reopened

We would like to reassure motorists that the two roundels being installed at Broadway and Church Road Marina are to be driven in the same way as any other roundabout. Roundels are used extensively in the UK. The buff oval lines are the finished design with the block paving to be added at a later date - separate to this contract.

Roundels are designed not to have a traditional central island or a white domed marking due to the nature of their design. They also act as a form of traffic calming, with both roundels sited within the 20mph speed limit for Douglas Promenade.

The design principle was part of the planning approval, with visuals provided and shared on the MyProm website since the scheme began. Planning drawing can be viewed by clicking HERE

The artist impression of Church Road Marina which is the same layout can be viewed by clicking HERE 

The temporary exit off the Promenade up Broadway has reopened with the junction fully operational from 15 July 2021.

Photo credit: Isle of Man Drone

Updated on 14 June 2021
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