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Keeping you in the picture about the refurbishment of Douglas Promenade

Scheme Details

Proposed Facilities

  • Vehicular Parking: 543 Spaces (including motorcycle)
  • Coach Parking: 9 Spaces
  • Bus Stops: 17 (7 laybys; 10 In-line)
  • Taxi Ranks: 33 Spaces over 7 Ranks
  • Loading Bays: 5 Bays
  • Pedestrian Crossings: 14 Controlled Crossings (5 Puffin; 9 Zebra) + 6 Uncontrolled Crossings


  • Planning Approval: February 2018
  • Tender Period Ends: August 2018          
  • Stage 1: Early Contractor Involvement: September 2018 - Auldyn Construction have been appointed
  • Stage 2: Main Contractor Appointment: November 2018
  • Construction Period: completion date end of December 2021/early 2022

Promenade in Numbers:

Highway Construction: 2.6km Length of Works; 19km of Utility trenching, 22,000m3 of bulk excavation, 47,000 tonnes of recycled aggregate, 18,900 tonnes of tarmac, 6,000m3 of concrete, 13,000m2 of block paved surfacing, 9km of kerbing, 9km of tram rail

Manx Utilities – Water: 2.2km of new 355mm dia. trunk main, 800m of new 180mm dia. distribution main, 600m of new 125mm dia. rider main. 

Manx Utilities – Electric: 3km of new 11kV cable, ducts and joints, 3km of new fibre optic cable, duct and chambers, 1km of new LV cable, Decommission 3.2km of existing 3-core cable and joints, Decommission an 11kV substation. 

Manx Gas: 2km of new 315mm dia. polyethylene main. 

Manx Telecom: 10km of new ducting, some of which will contain new copper cables and fibre distribution cables. Potential provision for 5G mobile communications along the Promenade.

Sure Telecom: 10km of new ducting containing 10km of new fibre cable, Provision for 5G mobile communications along the Promenade

Douglas Borough Council: 140 new lighting columns with 5km of ducting

New layout: : Vehicular Parking: 543 spaces (including motorcycle; coach parking:: 5 spaces, bus stops: 17  (7 lay bys; 10 In-line); taxi ranks: 33  Spaces over 7 ranks, loading bays: 5 bays; pedestrian crossings: 14  controlled crossings (5 Puffin; 9 Zebra); 6  Uncontrolled Crossings

The Highway

In order to remove the existing failed road in its entirety, we need to dig out approximately half a metre of tarmac and concrete slabs. This will then be replaced with a new road construction consisting of tarmac and stone.

The Footways (pavement) 

The standard surface finish for the footways will be tarmac. However, in continuation from the Phase 1 work completed in 2014, the landward footway adjacent to the road will be transformed using high-quality surfacing material. This will continue all the way up to and including the junction with Broadway.

On Loch Promenade, all the footways on the side streets connecting the promenade to the shopping centre will also have a high-quality surface finish.

Along the promenade, the footways on both sides of the road will be clearly defined for ease of use by all users. This will include a minimum 75mm up-stand adjacent to the road.

Different types of pavers:

The paving stone material already used in the Phase 1 work is a mixture of granite and granite composite (granite mixed with some concrete). It is intended to continue using materials of similar specification and finish where a higher quality finish is delivered.

Horse Trams

The horse tram will run during 2020. For more information on events and how to book, visit

Road users

The works will be carried out without the need to close the highway unless something exceptional occurs. Traffic management will be in place so we are encouraging all road users to allow extra time for their journeys. The Department has measured that there is an average of 17,000 vehicles travel along the Promenade each day, so forward planning and allowing extra time for your journey ahead is key.

The Department are aware that a number of people will alter their journey to avoid the Promenade during the construction. To this end, the Department has looked into the impact this may have on other roads around Douglas, by using computerised modeling of the predicted traffic flows. The Department will monitor where problems are anticipated and may introduce additional localised traffic management to help where possible.

Statutory Authorities:  

There is a huge amount of technical equipment conducive to delivering services to all residents of our capital under Douglas Promenade so the team will be working with all the statutory companies to ensure continuity of services.

We are working with

  • Douglas Borough Council
  • Manx Utilities  – electricity, water and sewerage.
  • Manx Gas
  • Manx Telecom
  • Sure


MyProm team are committed to being part of the UNESCO/Biosphere project.

16 new electric car charging points along the length of the Promenade, with an additional 4 of these are located at the Sea Terminal car park.

New street lighting will reduce light pollution (street lighting is under the auspices of Douglas Borough Council)

A minimum of 3 drinking fountains will be located at relevant locations along the Promenade.

Active Travel

No matter what we do – these are major works so why not leave your car at home and walk or cycle along the promenade walkway as part of your journey. 

To read more about the Isle of Man Government’s Active Travel campaign visit active travel

The Contractor

Prior to the main construction work starting, the Department have appointed local contractor Auldyn Construction to assist the Myprom Project Team in establishing and finalising an overall cost and programme for the scheme. Following the successful conclusion to this early contractual stage, it is envisaged that Auldyn Construction will be appointed as the main contractor to undertake the construction.

Cultural Area

It is envisaged that the newly formed Cultural Area will become a hub in Douglas. This area will comprise of seating, green areas, public art sculptures, social media gathering spot ‘Instagram Moment’  and will improve the visual of pedestrian links across Church Road on the main shopping and business areas of the town. It is hoped to reconnect this under-used and low-quality public realm space with the Promenade. The Sefton Hotel Group are improving and investing in their hotel’s facilities too. 

It is also anticipated that this area will also enhance the entrance to the Gaiety Theatre, creating an entrance suitable for this prestigious heritage building. 

Updated on 10 November 2021

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