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Keeping you in the picture about the refurbishment of Douglas Promenade


Auldyn Construction commenced the major works on Douglas Promenade Refurbishment Scheme in November 2018.

This is the first major reconstruction of the highway since 1935. All the statutory undertakers were involved including Manx Utilities, Manx Gas, Manx Telecom, Sure Telecom and Douglas Borough Council.

This £25 million scheme investment by Isle of Man Government is now a lasting legacy for the Isle of Man.

Douglas Promenade is the heartbeat of the capital’s transport network. This investment will have huge social economic value for the Island.

The design proposal has been in development for a number of years and arrived at a series of design principles that were approved by the Court of Tynwald in January 2017. These principles included not only the basic need to reconstruct the highway infrastructure, but also to encompass the aspirations and needs of all the promenade users and stakeholders. The Department would like to thank everyone who contributed to the numerous consultations, user groups, meetings and discussions required to reach this landmark point.

The Myprom Project Team also took into account advice and recommendations provided by promenade user groups such as Sight Matters (formerly Manx Blind Welfare Society). 

The number of controlled and uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points has been increased to promote a better link between the Town Centre and the Promenade Walkway. This requirement is highlighted in Governments Central Douglas Masterplan. The location and style of crossings has undergone scrutiny from vulnerable user groups such as Sights Matters and the Royal National Institute for the Blind, with the final layout being an agreed best compromise to suit the requirements of all promenade users.

Some parking provision has been reduced to the betterment of other facilities, such as bus laybys, taxi ranks, loading bays etc. Again this was agreed at consultation and will ensure all Promenade users benefit.

The highway and junction design will promote better and improved vehicular traffic flow.

The infrastructure has been designed to future-proof the scheme, as much as possible, including the installation of ducting to accommodate power for electric car charging points throughout the length of the scheme.

The overall design of the project team was a reduction in unnecessary street clutter. This helps to provide a more open feel to the promenade. Furthermore, all necessary remaining and new street furniture (benches, cycle stands etc) have been located in dedicated areas, away from pedestrian walkways. This is especially beneficial to more vulnerable promenade users, such as people with mobility and sight impairment. 

The team worked with the Isle of Man Arts Council to facilitate and encourage public art installations along the Promenade.

Updated on 10 November 2021

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