Completed Works
Keeping you in the picture about the refurbishment of Douglas Promenade

With over 95 per cent of works completed

Infrastructure Minister, Tim Crookall stresses the Department of Infrastructure and the main contractor, Auldyn Construction are working hard to get the job completed as soon as possible. He has flagged up these works may take into early 2022 before all defects are complete.

There are a number of factors that affect the completion date so a definitive date will not be confirmed.

The coming weeks will see a further reduction of the areas being worked on, with temporary fencing and signs being dismantled and removed. The last set of traffic lights on Central Promenade will be removed as soon as possible.

Contractually, completion of the works will be when construction of all the works stated in the contract are done, Auldyn’s equipment is removed from site and the final clean of the site has taken place as defined in the Contract Scope.

Loss of time for  three Covid-19 lockdowns is included within the extensions of time granted.

Large areas are finished completely after undergoing modernisation to replace and future-proof electricity, water, telecoms, drainage and gas infrastructure.

This vital work is now out of sight beneath a newly-constructed major strategic highway.

 Traffic is flowing well across most of the route’s 2.6km length, with the majority of free on-street parking now available.

 The public are thanked for their ongoing understanding while this once in a lifetime capital project is completed.

 Final surfacing:

Work is ongoing on the final surfacing of the footpaths and highway. These works are weather dependent so some slippage over the autumn/winter months should be anticipated.

So what’s left to do?  Let’s start at the Sea Terminal end and move north.

Loch Promenade

There is a small amount of work to be completed around Victoria Street with the new pedestrian crossing in use. Topsoil is also being placed next to the Marine (Sunken) Gardens to create the temporary wildflower corridor.

Granite marker posts featuring designs from local artist Anna Wilson have been installed on the new crossing at Victoria Street, similar to the ones installed earlier in the project on Harris Promenade.

The remainder of Loch Promenade to the roundel at Church Road Marina is finished, with traffic flowing normally and parking available on both sides of the highway.

Harris Promenade

The cultural area and plaza outside the Gaiety Theatre is really taking shape, including planting and lighting, and will be finished shortly. Some final jointing work is still to be completed and new railings are to be fitted outside the Sefton Hotel; a bespoke granite bench is in the process of being installed along with some more planting which will improve the area even further.

This area will provide a real focal point for activities for many years to come, improving its potential for entertainment as well as creating a bright, relaxed zone for the whole community.

Utility, lighting and final surfacing works remain ongoing on the seaside pavement and tram corridor, between the Church Road and Broadway roundels.

A 70-metre section of tramway between Broadway and Esplanade Mews is currently being built and will remain unfinished until an issue with the tramway points, highlighted recently by the rail regulator, is resolved. This work will take 3 to 4 weeks and will get under way as soon as the modified points arrive on-Island. The work will, however, be off the highway and have a minimal impact on traffic flow but some parking may be suspended during these works

The rail track between Broadway and the Sea Terminal, was descoped from the contract. The Department will return to Tynwald later this year for additional funding for this part of the tram corridor.

Central and Queens Promenades

Heading further north, final highway and pavement surfacing is under way and will be completed in the coming weeks.

The highway between Palace View Terrace and Strathallan is fully surfaced, with the only remaining section requiring attention being the landside pavement between Paramount City and Summer Hill.

Public Engagement

Conversations continue to take place with businesses and residents, with positive feedback being received about the project’s imminent completion as well as the improved appearance of the promenades.

In support of this, the regular email newsletter continues to be sent to subscribers along with updates published on highlighting the work that’s taking place and providing advance warning of what will be happening in particular areas.

On-street facilities

Every parking space on the refurbished promenade is expected to be in use by the end of the month. There are more than 500 on-street parking spaces available to the public, including dedicated areas for disabled drivers, motorcycles and charging electric vehicles.

As well as public parking, the promenade also provides dedicated space for 17 bus stops, 7 taxi ranks, 5 loading bays, 4 coach bays (to accommodate 9 coaches) and 14 pedestrian crossings.

Message from the Department of Infrastructure and Auldyn Construction: 

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall MHK said: ‘The design of the promenade at the outset had to fulfil a broad range of requirements, and we are now starting to see them come to fruition. Traffic is moving smoothly and safely across the sections already completed and the whole area has been given a lift by the improved appearance.

 ‘As we enter the final stage of the project, it is important to reflect on how far we’ve come, and what has been achieved. This has without doubt been a very challenging project, but this was always going to be the case on a once-in-a-generation scheme of this scale.

 ‘Looking forward, the Island now has a modern, attractive promenade which serves so many uses for different sectors of our society, and utilities infrastructure that will enable our community to thrive for years to come.’

Auldyn Construction managing director Clive Callister said: ‘We expect the main contract works will be complete by mid-November with all traffic flowing normally, although final asphalt works are weather-dependent. Some areas of isolated works will remain, such as the rail crossover in front of the Central Apartments, which has been delayed due to rail design revisions and the supply of materials.

‘Other activities such as finishing off defects and installing sealant strips around the rails and concrete will be carried out in December - these activities are not expected to impact normal traffic flows.’ 

A short video has been produced to provide a reminder of how the prom used to look and how much has changed – click here to take a look

Background of Douglas Promenade Refurbishment Scheme

Auldyn Construction Limited commenced construction work on Douglas Promenade Refurbishment Scheme in September 2018. The £25 million scheme is a huge investment for the Island by the Isle of Man Government. All the statutory undertakers, Manx Utilities (electricity, water, drainage) Manx Gas, Manx Telecom and Sure Telecom plus the local authority, Douglas Borough Council have worked alongside Auldyn Construction, proactively replacing and future proofing their infrastructure

The design philosophy behind the refurbishment of the promenade is to create a low-speed environment that promotes inclusivity for all users including pedestrians, cyclists, horse trams and vehicles. The project design team have ensured that the use of different surface textures, finishes, colour and profile creates an environment for all users to enjoy and share.

The roundels form just one aspect of this overall philosophy and help raise a driver’s awareness of the low-speed environment, making the junction more conspicuous and enhancing the driving experience and safety. The buff coloured concentric banding oval lines are not driving lanes but a decorative pattern.

Overview of the scheme:

Vehicular parking: 535 spaces (including motorcycle)

Disabled parking: 14 spaces currently available on Loch and Harris Prom until the traffic switch over on 12 August 2021. Post completion, there are: 9 bays on Loch Promenade; 7 bays on Harris Promenade; 4 bays on Central Promenade and 7 bays on Queen’s Promenade.

Coach parking: 9 spaces: 5 overnight parking bays on King Edward Road, 2 on Finch Road; coach drop off areas: 4 drop-off/pick-up

Bus Stops: 17 (9 laybys; 8 in-line) All bus stops have shelters except for drop off only stops
Taxi Ranks: 33 spaces over 5 ranks
Loading Bays: 6 Bays
Pedestrian Crossings: 14 controlled crossings (5 Puffin; 9 Zebra) + 6 uncontrolled tactile crossings

Public (including disabled) toilets: 

Sea Terminal

Loch Promenade by Snack Shack café and 1 x opposite Granville Street;

Queen’s Promenade gardens

EV charging points:

Loch Promenade x 6 + 8 when scheme completes

Central Promenade x 2

Queen’s Promenade x 1 (+6 in future)

Sea Terminal has a super charger in the front car park


Cultural area: the cultural area on Harris Promenade features bespoke decorative paving alongside artwork celebrating Manx culture. This new open space provides a haven within Douglas town to sit and relax.

Type of paving used:

Incorporated within the varying types of new paving are a number of different tactile finishes to further assist vulnerable pedestrians. Examples of these are listed below:

 ·         Blister paving: identify the location of a crossing point, assisting vulnerable user groups. Red denote controlled, buff (or other) uncontrolled

·         Guidance paving: located along tram corridor

·         Corduroy paving: identifies the location of steps

·         Pedestrian deterrent paving: has now been installed adjacent to the tram / highway cross-over with the aim of deterring pedestrians from walking into either the road or tramway 

 Types of pedestrian crossings:

Loch Promenade

Puffin (Peveril Square)

Zebra (just past Victoria Street)

Zebra (just south of Regent Street)

Zebra (just south of Howard Street)

Puffin (just south of Granville Street)

Zebra (south of Senna Slip)

Harris Promenade:

Zebra (across Church Road Marina)

Zebra (opposite Villa Marina Arcade)

Zebra (opposite Villa Colonnade)

Puffin (across Broadway)

Zebra (north of Broadway roundel)

Central Promenade:

Zebra (just south of The Empress Hotel)

Puffin (between Mona Drive and Castle Drive)

Queen’s Promenade:

Puffin (opposite Marathon Terrace)

Project in numbers

Highway construction:

•        2.6km – overall length of promenades

•        19km utility trenching

•        22,000m3 of bulk excavation

•        47,000 tonnes recycled aggregate

•        18,900 tonnes tarmac

•        6,000m3 concrete

•        13,000m2 block paved surfacing

•        9km kerbing

•        9km tram rail


Manx Utilities – Water:

•        2.2km of 355mm diameter trunk main

•        800m of 180mm diameter distribution main

•        600m of 125mm diameter rider main


Manx Utilities – Electric:

•        3km of 11kV cable, ducts and joints

•        3km of fibre optic cable, duct and chambers

•        1km of low voltage cable

•        Decommission 3.2km of existing 3-core cable and joints

•        Decommission 11kV substation


Manx Gas:

•        2km of 315mm diameter polyethylene main.


Manx Telecom

•        10km ducting

•        Potential provision for 5G mobile communications


Sure Telecom:

•        10km ducting

•        10km fibre cable

•        Provision for 5G mobile communications


Douglas Borough Council:

•        140 lighting columns

•        5km ducting


Updated on 10 November 2021

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