The Department for Enterprise offer a number of support schemes to businesses operating along Douglas Promenade - please see below:

The Douglas Promenade Support Scheme 2019
Unsecured, interest free loan of up to £50,000 to retail and hospitality businesses (excludes visitor accommodation) Repayable over a 10 year period from completion of the refurbishment scheme. 

It is advised that all interested applicants contact the Department prior to submitting their application for guidance and application requirements.

It is important to note that the schemes are NOT mutually exclusive for eligible businesses, meaning some businesses may be able to receive support under one or more schemes.

Applicants are encouraged to complete the enquiry form and discuss the requirements with the Department before applying.

The Department has several other Enterprise Support Schemes to support local businesses, which promenade businesses may be eligible to apply for.

Learn more about the other schemes below:

The Business Improvement Scheme

Matched funding available up to £5,000 to engage external consultants to undertake projects such as website development, marketing and environmental efficiency.

The Business Energy Saving Scheme

Unsecured, interest-free loans up to £20,000 towards the cost of a project to improves energy efficiency.

The Town & Village Regeneration Scheme

Grant of up to 50% capped at £10,000 for projects that improve the appearance of commercial premises and create civic amenity projects within the Island’s Towns and Villages.

For more information please contact: The Enterprise Support Team, on 01624 687333 or email

Updated on 09 December 2020

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