Update as at 16 August 2019

The new Douglas Borough Council lighting columns are being erected and will be fully unveiled later in the scheme. For details concerning traffic management during The Festival of Motorcycling please click here

The horse tram are now running up to near the Best Western Hotel and Casino with more cones and fencing coming down. The right hand turn out of the hotel has now been re-instated.

The bike park at the Sefton Hotel is now ready for use.

In order to facilitate pedestrian crossing at Marathon Terrace a temporary red and white ‘stopping’ area has been installed – one space will be coned either side of the highway to prevent parking.

Please note works will continue until Friday 23rd August but stop for race week with the pedestrian crossing at the old Imperial site being re-installed and ready for use on Wednesday 21 August 2019.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a safe Festival of Motorcycling.


Updated on 16 August 2019