Phasing plans and loss of parking

Update as at 25 January 2019


The Douglas Promenade Refurbishment scheme commenced in September 2018 with enabling works, these led into the commencement of the main scheme on the 26th November 2018. The main contractor, Auldyn Construction, along with numerous sub-contractors, are working in many areas along the Promenade to enable the work to be completed as quickly as possible. The MyProm Team appreciate the disruption this is causing and value the understanding and co-operation of all users, but specifically the residents and businesses based on Douglas Promenade.


The Team have and will continue to respond to all concerns and issues raised during the 2 year construction period, particularly in relation to maintaining access and providing two-way traffic flow. Unfortunately the nature of the work and the need to maintain traffic flows will have an inevitable impact on parking provision. Mail drops and informal meetings are taking place with residents and businesses. Part of the early investigation works included trial holes and business impact reports.

Every effort is being made to ensure the public are aware of the scope and impact of these works and working area phasing plans are available below by clicking the links

Phasing plan 1 of 5

Phasing plan 2 of 5

Phasing plan 3 of 5

Phasing plan 4 of 5

Phasing plan 5 of 5

Hard copies are available at the public office should you wish to overview them and ask questions.

Scope and Impact of works

It is important that the extent of highway construction and statutory service replacement is not under-estimated. A close working relationship with all statutory undertakers, such as Manx Utilities, Manx Telecom, Manx Gas, Sure and Douglas Borough Council is allowing all infrastructure and services to be future proofed.

Key messages

The public are asked to allow extra journey time, be aware that parking spaces are greatly reduced and that only parking in legally designated areas is permitted. Motorists are asked not to park in coned areas as there is a risk of incurring a parking fine or vehicles may be towed as works cannot be delayed. Additionally if travelling behind a bus or a vehicle dropping off or picking up passengers please be patient, as due to the works, this action may cause a temporary obstruction in the highway. Alternative routes into Douglas are available if your journey is affected by the current works. Ongoing meetings with hotels and businesses are taking place to understand and address such issues.  

Parking availability in certain locations has always been problematic (for instance outside Marathon Terrace) and the team understand that the works are amplifying the problem.

The loss of 20 parking spaces both landside and seaside on Central Promenade, in front of and just north of Clarence Terrace, is particularly difficult to those residents that use these public parking spaces. These residents can apply for area ‘Q’ parking permits, which currently allows them if there is space, to park on the public highway on Central Promenade or in a number of streets in the surrounding area. Once the scheme is completed, the parking spaces at this location on Central Promenade will no longer be available.  Approved planning design visual is seen by clicking this link.

Sefton to Castle Mona Avenue

This has arisen due to a design need to accommodate the tram crossing over the highway. The tram needs to diverge from twin track to single track and is the only suitable location area available for this to be achieved and comply to current tram regulations.

This design as part of the scheme, was subject to Planning Control regulations with the normal statutory advertising happening at the time. It also received a lot of news coverage and was subject to a Tynwald discussion and approval in January 2017. The team have also met some residents and been in touch with both local MHKs to explain the rationale behind the necessary decision.

To endeavour to alleviate parking issues a planning application has been submitted to facilitate public parking at Summerland along with the use of the walkway from the War Memorial to the Bottleneck car park for the foreseeable future. Full details will be released as soon as these are confirmed. Parking on the northern end of the Walkway cannot be permitted as it is too narrow for pedestrians and traffic. Parking remains available in the various car parks around Douglas, with and Chester Street offering free parking from 3pm.

Loss of parking upon completion of the work

The public should be aware of the overall loss along the entire 3km length of Douglas Promenade is approximately 130 parking spaces. This design philosophy was approved for the betterment all users and includes improved facilities for vulnerable groups, public transport taxi ranks, business loading bays etc.

Proposed Facilities

Vehicular Parking                543 Spaces (including motorcycle)

Coach Parking                    8 Spaces

Bus Stops                         17 (7 laybys; 10 In-line)

Taxi Ranks                        33 Spaces over 7 Ranks

Loading Bays                     5 Bays

Pedestrian Crossings          14 Controlled Crossings (5 Puffin; 9 Zebra)
                                            6   Uncontrolled Crossings


MyProm team would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience and encourage the public to follow @mypromisleofman on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or sign up for newsletters on this website. 

Every effort is being made to minimise disruption during construction but once finalised Douglas Promenade will be a lasting legacy and wonderful place for all residents to enjoy.



Updated on 25 January 2019