Local contractor Auldyn Construction

Following on from the early contractor involvement (ECI) stage announcement in September it has been confirmed that local contractor, Auldyn Construction have been appointed as the main contractor for the Douglas Promenade Refurbishment scheme. Numerous local sub-contractors will also be involved with the project, with the final design and programme currently being finalised.

Scope of works:

Costs: totalling just under £21 million have been approved to fully reconstruct the Promenade road and footways (overall £25 million included Phase 1 completed in 2014);
Dig: The average highway dig will be 600mm deep but deeper where services and drains are installed.
Joint working: Close working with statutory services including Manx Utilities, Manx Gas, Douglas Borough Council, Manx Telecom and Sure. (They are using this opportunity to upgrade or replace materials – pipes, ducting etc);
Period: 2 year contract – commenced September 2018 – completion by October 2020;
Note: Prior to commencement of works over 130 trial holes were carried out to assess site conditions and service locations, but it is worth noting as this is the first major excavation since 1930’s there will still be the ‘unknown’ element which will not be confirmed until ‘opening’ the road.

Manx National Heritage have a watching brief on some locations.

Updated on 11 December 2018