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Promenade History
  • 1831

    Prior to 1832 The St Mary's Rock was the property of the Quane family until John Quane Attorney General of the Isle of Man, presented the rock to Sir William Hillary, in his capacity as President of the Isle Man District of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to build the Tower of Refuge. Since then the custody of St Mary’s Isle has been by each president of the local lifeboat association.

  • 1868

    Harris Promenade was built in 1868 through the efforts of High Bailiff of Douglas Mr Harris – the first Chairman of the Town Board.

  • 1870

    One of the earliest photographs of Douglas Bay you’ll see there is no promenade. Before Loch Prom was built in 1876 the house on Sand Street backed onto the beach often flooded.

  • 1874

    The Construction of the sea wall abutting on the first Loch Promenade was commenced on 24th June 1874. The whole of the work was carried out at an approximate cost of £30,000 by direct labour.

  • 1875

    Land reclaimed – first house erected – Seaforth House.

  • 1889

    Constructed in 1889 at a cost of £8,000 – this Promenade came into being at the request of the adjoining property owners who defrayed half the cost by a special improvement rate.

  • 1891

    Douglas Bay Horse Tramway running from the Sea Terminal up to King Edward Road is the oldest horse-drawn passenger tramway to remain in service anyway in the world, having opened in 1876. It is big attraction for visitors from around world.

  • 1891

    Construction of cable tram lines at prospect Hill around 1891

  • 1896

    The longest of the Promenades and last part to be constructed. Situated between Broadway and Queen’s Promenade. It was erected in 1896 and paid for by Douglas Corporation at a cost of approximately £8,000.

  • 1918

    The promenade also had a cable tramway system running from Promenade Victoria Clock Tower terminal up to Broadway terminal. The line followed a U shape route serving the Victoria Street Prospect Street, Buck’s Road Woodbourne Road York Road Ballaquayle Road and finishing at Broadway.

  • 1932

    New Promenade walkway constructed.

  • 1934

    Official opening of the New Loch Promenade and Marine Gardens by the Secretary of State for the Home Department the Rt. Hon. Sir John Gilmour Bt, D.S.O. M.P.

  • 2016

    I wonder how many photos onlookers have been taking of the horse and trams over its 140 year history working on the promenade. The horse seems to know its having their photo taken and turning towards the camera.

  • 2018....

    Work commences on refurbishing Douglas Promenade